Cylinders are basic elements in hydraulic equipment and their maintenance and servicing may improve their duration and performances. Termika doo Zenica offers services of repairing all types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders including: Telescopic (tipper) cylinders, single acting cylinders (plungers) and double acting cylinders.

The most frequent cylinder malfunctions we repair include: Seal damage resulting in oil leak and loss in cylinder power, damage to and bending of the rod and internal damage to the cylinder tube.

In the process of cylinder repair we manufacture:

  • Seals
  • Chrome plated rods
  • Honed tubes
  • Pistons
  • Caps
  • Cylinder ends
  • And replacement of joint rod end bearing.

The procedure of cylinder repair includes basic steps: Dismantling, determining problems and damages, manufacturing new parts and their installation, re-assembling and obligatory testing on the test bench.