Cylinder manufacturing

Termika doo Zenica manufactures new hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of standard types and dimensions as well as cylinders based on your requirements and drawings.  Manufacturing process on CNC machines takes place in the newly built production facility in the Industrial zone in Zenica.

When ordering it is necessary to define actuator stroke/piston rod movement, workforce and piston and rod diameters.

All new and repaired cylinders are tested on test bench and appropriate certificates are issued as well.

The company also has the certificate for quality management ISO 9001:2015.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Standard types of hydraulic cylinders:

Single acting cylinders:

  • T10 Single-acting cylinder
  • T11 Single-acting cylinder with rod guide ring

Double acting cylinders:

  • T20 Cylinder with plain end
  • T21 Cylinder with end caps with spherical tang
  • T22 Rear flange cylinder
  • T23 Front flange cylinder
  • T24 Foot fastening cylinder
  • T25 Cylinder with trunnion


Pneumatic Cylinders

Standard types of pneumatic cylinders:

  • DNC, square tube, double acting with magnet
  • SC, round tube, double acting with magnet
  • SI, “Mickey Mouse” tube, double acting with magnet
  • MAL, mini cylinder with round tube, double acting
  • ADVU, compact cylinder, double acting

Besides all types of pneumatic cylinders, we also provide various types of GRIPS at the bottom of the tube and on the top of the rod.