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Termika d.o.o. Zenica Termika d.o.o. Zenica offers complete solution in manufacturing brand new and in repairing used hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Using high quality materials (HPU, NBR, Viton, EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, POM, PA) we manufacture seals with the diameter of up to Ø520mm using CNC machines in our facilities in Zenica and in Sarajevo. We also manufacture all metal cylinder parts, flexible hoses for high and very high pressures as well as gaskets. We also provide counseling services in the area of hydraulics.

In order to provide quick response and solution in case of cylinder repair, we also have our own storage of honed tubes and chrome plated rods, as well as steel and gray cast iron used in manufacturing necessary cylinder parts.

All new and repaired cylinders are tested on test bench and appropriate certificates are issued as well.

In our retail store we also sell honed tubes and chrome plated rods, as well as components for industrial pneumatics.
The company also has the certificate for quality management ISO 9001:2015.

cilindar sa uskom dna

New cylinder manufacturing

We also manufacture new hydraulic cylinders, single acting and double acting, with various grips, Salzgitter hydraulic prop supports for mining industry, cylinders for tow truck services as well as custom cylinders according to your drawings, requirements etc. more…


Metal machining

In our production facility we provide you with the services in lathe machining on universal and CNC lathes, milling on classic and CNC milling machines, as well as cutting, drilling and reaming services. more…


Cylinder repair

We have a long-lasting experience in the area of repairing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We also repair all types of cylinders including: Single acting, double acting, telescopic (tipper), plunger, tandem and special cylinders. more…



We make seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, all standard types in custom sizes, quickly and with high precision, including: Piston seals, rod seals, wipers, rotational and static seals, O rings, guiding and support rings, etc. more…

presanje crijeva

Hydraulic hoses and fittings

We also manufacture wire braided hydraulic HOSES for high and very high pressure 1SN, 2SN, 4SH and 4SP with multifit and interlock fittings with a diameter of up to DN 32 by Italian manufacturer MANULI HYDRAULICS, as well as various sample based industrial hoses. more…

honovane cijevi

Honed tubes and chrome plated rods

We offer honed tubes for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing with a tolerance of H8 as well as chrome plated and inductively improved rods with tolerance of f7 used in manufacturing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders of various diameters and lengths. more…


Gaskets- klingerits

We manufacture very precise static flat seals in all possible dimensions and shapes with a dimension of up to 2000mm x 1500mm. Using CNC machine, seals are manufactured from klingerit, rubber, Teflon and other materials. more…


Pneumatic components

In our online shop we offer components for industrial pneumatics including: Pneumatic cylinders, Air source treatment unit (F.R.L Combination), fittings and hoses, valves and distributors. All listed goods are in stock in our warehouse in Zenica and can be shipped in short time period. order now…


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